Although Apple did not took part in the annual Consumer Electronics Show, however, the event is still full with all sorts of Apple-related accessories from third-party suppliers. Some of which are not so great or are the same old stuffs, however, others are fun, novel, and bring something new to the table.

For this video, a couple of days were spent exploring the show floor to search for some of the best Apple accessories of CES 2017. Incipio displayed off a new iPhone 7 case that brings back the headphone jack. The case itself is rather thin, however, there is a large chin at the bottom to provide for both the headphone jack and a Lightning charging port.

Griffin showed its BreakSafe cables for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. The cables, including a new 100W model for the 2016 MacBook Pro, are designed to replace Apple’s MagSafe connector, providing the same breakaway functionality over USB Type-C.

Henge Docks introduced a number of products to support the new MacBook Pro. The original Vertical Dock permits user to dock the machine off to the side of a monitor, whereas the new Horizontal Dock permits user to securely dock the MacBook Pro without compromising usability. The Horizontal Dock contains pressure sensors to find when the computer is present, and it then connects itself automatically with the computer. This dock has 13 ports available which includes HDMI, USB Type-A, and Ethernet. Henge Docks also debuted the Tethered Dock, that allows user a platform to connect multiple cables and charge the MacBook.

CMRA displayed a prototype Apple Watch band that includes a front and rear-facing camera. However, it did not have a functional model on hand. There was only a dummy model. Hence, we all have to wait a while to see the band in action. The CMRA is already available for pre-order. However, it won’t ship out until later this year.

At last, NanoLeaf showed off its colorful array of Aurora lights. These HomeKit-enabled lights can be mounted on a wall and each individual light can be controlled via the Aurora app. NanoLeaf also displayed the new Aurora Rhythm sound sensor that permits the lights to react to sound and music.

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