According to ETNews, the South Korean website, LG’s display division is developing and will begin a mass production of foldable displays for smartphones in 2018, and supply them to Google, Apple, and Microsoft. LG has displayed many unique looking curved and foldable display prototypes over the past three years, that includes one with a book-like design and another that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

Both designs gain merits of the flexible property of OLED displays, in comparison to the rigid LCD displays in present iPhones. Many rumors indicate towards Apple introducing a new iPhone with an OLED display and glass casing at the high end of its smartphone series this coming year. However, the reports suggest the display will be curved instead of
foldable. There are more than ten iPhone prototypes in testing, but the exact design is yet to be seen. The all-new premium model is believed to have at least a 5-inch display, while early rumors suggested it could be up to a 5.8-inch phone.

Samsung is believed to be the primary and most likely sole supplier of OLED displays for Apple, at least until LG joins the club in 2018 or later if this report proves to be true. LG curved display prototype Next year’s iPhones could feature bezel-free designs and no physical Home buttons, as few reports suggest Touch ID will be integrated into the display directly as it is now possible. Apple has filed patents for flexible OLED displays with both foldable and curved designs, affirming it has at least researched both sides of the coin.

Apple’s foldable display patent explains how the display could fold outward, permitting both halves of the screen to be accessible when the phone is closed shut. The two sides would connect through a clamshell-like hinge that permits them to rotate relative to each other, whereas flexible printed circuit boards keep the connection connected.

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