Apple seems to have quietly activated the much anticipated Single Sign-On feature for the Apple TV and iOS devices, sometime over the course of the last few hours. This will make the feature available to developers running the iOS 10.2 beta and tvOS 10.1. As rumored, the Single Sign-On seems to support only a few numbers of cable services, such as Dish, Hotwire, GVTC Communications, and Sling TV.

Single Sign-On settings on the fourth-generation Apple TV, can be accessed by opening the Settings app and navigating to accounts, where a TV Provider section is now present along with Home Sharing. Customers will have to sign in to a service at this menu and will easily be able to access all content that comes up with that subscription. The same TV Provider section is present in the Settings app, on both the iPhone and iPad, below the section that allows for signing into social networks. Single Sign-On is created to permit users to sign in once with their cable credentials to access all live cable content available via their cable subscription, even though when it is spread throughout multiple apps.

The plan of Apple with Single Sign-On is to streamline and simplify the television watching experience on the Apple TV. Sling TV and Dish are well-known television providers, whereas Hotwire and GVTC are smaller regional services. Hotwire is available in South Carolina, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, whereas GVTC is only present in a limited portion of Texas, that includes north of the Gonzales and San Antonio area. Due to its limited availability Single Sign-On, it will only be released to a small number of Apple users to start with. However, Apple is certainly working to gain more providers to work on.

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